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This is the "home page" for the DMRC Novice Rowing information website!  The website navigation links are just above, (i.e. Home, Rowing Terms)…, every page is chock full of rowing fun, check 'em all out!

Clicking on any Brown Underlined text, on this website, will take you to another website or video that provides more rowing related information!

The Des Moines Rowing Club's web site is a treasure trove of Des Moines rowing information, spend some time here!

Des Moines Rowing Club home page on the internet!

Do you have questions about the DMRC Novice Day at Gray's Lake or our Novice Training Program?  The following link will get you the info you crave!

Novice page on the DMRC web site

There is a lot to learn with the DMRC!  We have a instrutional director that is just taking charge and offering up lots of rowing related educational opportunities!  

Learn to row resources!

Learn about DMRC history with this link...

Des Moines Rowing Club History            


Logging into the DMRC member resources page!

Looking for a membership list, club newsletter or the equipment checkout list? DMRC members can login to this page and access this and other vital information!

Can't Login?  Our club members put together a really professional newsletter called the "DOCKMASTER".   Hopefully you've received it in your e-mail. If not send a request to dockmaster@desmoinesrowing.org.  

Near the top of the "DOCKMASTER" is the username and password needed to login to the DMRC member resources section of the DMRC website!

Login page for DMRC members

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Need rowing gear?  Check out the official DMRC rowing apparel site!

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The goal of this web site is to be a single site source of answers, for all of the questions Des Moines Rowing Club Novice rowers have.  If you have some novice rowing questions this site doesn't address, please send the questions to the web master using the contact form ___________________________________________________________________________