Need an Adjustment?

The following link is to a rowing shell owners manual, but there is a lot of good information in it, including, how to adjust the boat to fit you!

ECHO Rowing Shell - Owners Manual

The following video shows you how to adjust the foot stretcher, but the adjustment note is for scullers, not sweep rowers.  For sweep rowing, one way to check if your stretcher is correctly adjusted, is to see if your hips are able to be forward of the oarlock pin when you are at the catch.

How to Move the Foot Stretcher in a Rowing Boat

These next two videos give some pointers to rigging a boat.  It is important for novices to learn what nuts and bolts to check before each row and learning to rig and de-rig a boat is something every rower eventually gets to do.

How to rig a Rowing Boat which has Nuts and Bolts

Let's Talk Rowing Wrenches

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