Other Workouts's

Rowing well takes a lot of flexibility, strength, and endurance.  Here are non-rowing workout's that could help with your rowing!

I'm going to list some of the video workouts that have become my personal  favorites:

"Yoga Conditioning for athelets" by Rodney Yi.  One of the best videos for improving your overall flexability.

"Winsor Pilates - AB Sculpting" by Mary Winsor.  Rowing uses a lot of core strength, this DVD is a good core workout.

"Pyramid Lower body" Intensity Series by Cathe.  Rowing uses a lot of lower body strength, this DVD is really good lower body workout.


"Imax 2 + cardio & weights" Intensity Series by Cathe.  This hits core and lower body, weights and cardio, a little of everything, it's a great workout.

And, rowing uses the arms, a lot.  I've found a YouTube video that keeps my shoulders happier.

When it comes to cardio training: The following websites can help you with some of the standard exercises: 

                  running - The Capital Striders knows running

         bicycling - Des Moines Cycle Club knows Bicycling

         swimming - Des Moines Swimming Federation knows swimming.

 Rowing specific conditioning: 

                  Here is just a sample of the YouTube videos and websites that introduce you to exercises you could use for getting yourself into better rowing shape!

                  Sports Fitness Adviser - Rowing Training Section     

                  University of Minnesota - Novice Winter Training  


Oh, and there’s erging! 

                  Drake University's coach has erging lessons that you can attend!

                  Click on this line to go to the Drake University Rowing Coach information page.

                  DMRC has erg’s you can use, they could be at either boat house!

                  Ergs are fairly common in gyms now;

                  You can by them from Concept 2 for your own personal use! 

                  Oh... there are erg competitions, like this one in Chicago, click the link!

                  CRASHB Sprints

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