Rowing Terms

As with any sport, it comes with it's own jargon!  Get in a boat any you might hear the cox yell "down on port",  "bow pair back", and you know your in trouble if they yell "hold it hard"!  Knowing the parts of the boat, some nauticle terms and what the cox's are saying will give the novice a better learning experience! 

The below Wiki page link is very helpful!  It has a Glossary of rowing terms! 

Wikipedia - Glossary of rowing terms!

         It includes a description of:

·      Boat classes,

·      Participants,

·      the boats and parts of the boats

·      Rowing commands

·      Terms used in connection to the stroke and

·      The types of rowing races


The wiki page is a really informative web site and I strongly encourage all novices to visit it.  Become familiar with the rowing commands and the boat parts.  Check our the entire article, it is all stuff you will/could use learning to row!  

Here is a link to the USRA web site, which is the source for accurate rowing info!

US Rowing Association - Common Rowing Vocabulary

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