Adjusting your equipment, wearing proper clothing, checking for loose nuts… what do you need to do to be safe while rowing?  Check out the following web sites for the answers!!!  

This is important stuff for all rowers to know!!!

DMRC Safety Guidelines!

The Des Moines Rowing Club has safety guidelines on the web!  They are located at  Find the Member Resources tab, click on Club Documents and part of the way down that document list is the Safety Policy document.  Please Note I did not include this link, that's because you have to first be a DMRC member and then log in to view this page.  

The DMRC Safety Policy will superceed any other guidelines listed on this page.  I have just listed these to familierize the novice rower with what needs to be considered when thinking about rowing safety.

USRowing Safety Guidelines!

Check this page out, everything you wanted to know about rowing safety and then some!   

USRowing Safety

Crabs!  What to do if you catch one while rowing, (and they don't recommend eating it)!!!

USRowing - CRABS!

The goal of this web site is to be a single site source of answers, for all of the questions Des Moines Rowing Club Novice rowers have.  If you have some novice rowing questions this site doesn't address, please send the questions to the web master using the contact form ___________________________________________________________________________