If you need to find a substitute rower!

If you need to find a sub, compose an e-mail saying that you need a sub, when and where and for what boat, (novice 8, mix masters 4, etc.), and if you have a normal spot, (three seat, port, etc.). and send that request to


 If you want to be a substitute rower!

If you want to get on the sub’s list then email Tracy Sandbothe at and tell her that you want to be a sub.  Novices are automatically on the novice sub list, but it's always good to check and see if you are actually on it!

The goal of this web site is to be a single site source of answers, for all of the questions Des Moines Rowing Club Novice rowers have.  If you have some novice rowing questions this site doesn't address, please send the questions to the web master using the contact form ___________________________________________________________________________