YouTube Rowing Drills!

This links to a learning to row, first time in the boat, video!  Many similarities between this and what you'll hear from DMRC novice training.

Great video to watch before rowing on Novice Day!

Links to many Videos': Orientation to stroke basics

The following links connect to just some of the really good rowing videos on You Tube, both instructive and fun to watch! Great stuff for all rowers and very helpful for those taking novice classes!

YouTube video of a stick figure rowing, good rowing stroke illust.

YouTube video of erg technique by Concept II.

YouTube video of erg technique, good video to learn from.

A YouTube showing how to get into the boat.

A YouTube showing tips on how to hold the sweep oar.

Best YouTube video of rowing drills I've found.

Texas Rowing Center coach, with a rower, introducing the basic parts of the stroke.

Good YouTube video of rowing and erging technique, some of it is slow motion.  If you learn by watching, this is for you.

Video of common rowing errors and drills to correct them.

More advanced rowing drills, illustrates great catching, good stuff.

This is a YouTube collection of rowing drills, more fun than I can handle.  There's a drill here for every rowing challenge.

Advanced drills, but nice illustration and explaination of rowing.

Try it yourself, search YouTube for "Rowing Drill",  "Learn to Row", or "novice rowing training" and see what you find!

The following links will take you to even more great rowing videos!

I strongly encourage searching youtube for good examples of rowing!  If you find a video you find helpful, share it!  

These videos are more for coaches, but there is a lot to learn here!

row2k video

US Rowing Coaching Education - Coaching Videos and DVD's

This is just a good rowing video…  Look at those catches, just the right V splash, (ask your coach).

Norwegian Rowing Squad - Training Camp

Inspirational Rowing Video's

Why we row

Canadian Mens 8

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