Tips for Success

There are several “tricks” that seem to be adopted by the people that stay with DMRC…

Attitude – a willingness to learn, change and apply, even after the novice year!

Subbing – and lot’s of it!  Respond to those sub requests with a yes!

Volunteer – it may sound like work, and it is, but it is also a way to “network” and become familiar with different aspects of rowing and the DMRC.

Race – Race in the HOTDM Regatta as a novice!

Flexabile - 2nd and 3rd year rowers should learn to row both port and starboard.  If you can row on both sides, you can consider twice as many subbing/crew requests!

Learn to row in many types of boats.  Rowing in a four is different than rowing in an eight!  Obviously, the more boats you're willing to try, the more subbing and crew requests you'll be able to respond to and, you'll be able to do more rowing!

                           They probably also learn to scull!

                           And they learn to Cox

                           If you want to row more, your novice year, get the word out to the novice coordinator that you want to sub, and then say yes to as many sub requests as you can!!!

DMRC offers both sculling and coxing lessons.  After your novice year, the learning can continue!  

The goal of this web site is to be a single site source of answers, for all of the questions Des Moines Rowing Club Novice rowers have.  If you have some novice rowing questions this site doesn't address, please send the questions to the web master using the contact form ___________________________________________________________________________